Moral Story for Kids - The Story of the Lion, Fox and Donkey

Moral Story for Kids

The Story of the Lion, Fox and Donkey

Moral Story for Kids - The Story of the Lion, Fox and Donkey

The Story of the Lion, Fox and Donkey - 
Learn from the Experiences of Others

Once the lion asked for foxes and donkeys to gather food. They did exactly as instructed by the lion king.

After the food is collected, the lion asks them to divide the food evenly and the donkey does exactly what the lion king ordered.

The donkey divides equally, but that even makes the lion angry and break the legs of the donkey even eat it as an appetizer.

After that, it was the fox's turn. The lion king asks the fox to evenly distribute the food that he collects.

Seeing the experience experienced by the donkey, the fox gave a larger share of food to the lion king and left little for himself.

The fox also realized that the lion king was a figure who wanted to be given more, even though he asked to share it evenly.

This story teaches us to learn from various experiences, even experiences experienced by others around us.

Biographies and life stories of successful people can provide us with inspiration and role models so that we can achieve success like them, even learn from the failures of life they have experienced.

The Story of Wind and Sun - Persuasion is Better than Coercion
The sun and the wind are competing. They want to prove, who among them is able to make a man open his jacket.

The wind immediately blew the strong wind with all his strength so that the jacket of the man could be separated from him. However, the more he tried hard to blow the wind, the firmer the man also held his jacket so as not to loose.

The sun's turn came, he just illuminated the man with a warm light. Not long after, the man felt hot and he took off the jacket he was wearing.

With pride, the winner is the sun who does not use force on the man so he takes off his jacket.

A persuasion that is done continuously with humility and not with coercion will end with good results.

If you want something from someone else, it would be better if we ask for it in a good and polite way, an inducement that shows humility without any element of coercion.

Of course you will get what you want.

The Story of a Lion and a Mouse - There are no good works in vain
One time there was a lion who was fast asleep. Accidentally a little mouse woke him up and the lion became angry. The lion opened its mouth wide and planned to eat the rat.

Seeing the lion's anger, fearfully the rat begged for mercy and tried to beg for mercy from the lion.

The rat tried to convince the lion that he could be very useful one day. The rat promised that the lion's kindness would continue to be remembered if the lion let him go.

The lion thought for a moment and released the rat from his grasp. The rat is very grateful and promises to remember the lion's kindness.

Later, the lion was caught by a hunter. The kindness of the lion is still remembered by the rat who at that time tried to open the rope that bound the lion.

Finally, the lion can return to the forest safely because of the help of the rat who remembers the kindness of the previous lion.

There is nothing in vain of a good good that we do every day. Even the smallest kindness can be a big impact, although often, the good that we do is not felt directly or immediately.

Like the experience of a grandfather who was very ill and did not have the cost to seek treatment at the hospital, but he was helped because a doctor provided free fees for him.

Apparently, the doctor was once a neglected little boy who had been helped by his grandfather to be treated in a social home and eventually grew up to become a doctor.

There is no benevolence that returns in vain if we do it sincerely. Do you believe that?

Experience will answer it. Therefore, try to do good every day, maybe from small things by giving goodness in the future.

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