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Group Of Frog

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Besides playing, one of the things that kids also like is listening to fairy tales or short stories. Short stories for children, in general, have a light storyline and only focus on one incident. The characters used are not many, often these children's short stories use animals as characters.

For children, listening to or reading children's short stories and fairy tales has many benefits. Some of the many benefits are enriching the child's vocabulary, exercising his listening ability, and stimulating his imagination. Children can also learn about the science of life that will be useful for him later.

After knowing the benefits, now lets read the short story recommendations for the following children who are not only entertaining but also educating. Then, let's pay attention to it.

The children's short story below uses animals as characters. Therefore, this child's short story is called a fable. With animal characters that are used as characters in the story will certainly attract your child's interest.

now, lets read the following short stories.

A group of Frogs

On a trip, a group of frogs, two of them accidentally fell into a very deep hole. Knowing this, his group then swarmed the hole. After seeing how deep the hole was, the group of frogs shouted that the hole was too deep and the two frogs in the hole had gone out.

Not wanting to give up, the two frogs in this hole keep trying to jump. They both kept trying to jump out, but the other frog above said that it was impossible to get out.

Finally, one of the frogs gave up and accepted his end. While the other one keeps trying to jump. Until finally, he managed to get out of the hole.

The frog above is then surprised and asks, "Didn't you hear us shout?"

Apparently, the hearing of the frog coming out of this hole is slightly disturbed. So while jumping out, he thought his friend above gave support.

Friends around you always underestimate your ambition? All do not believe you can achieve what you hope? Examples of how the deaf frog behaves in the short story above. He faced it all without caring what others said, because of that he was able to achieve his desires and live happily unlike his friend in the hole.

Listening to others is a good thing, but believing in yourself is no less important. Don't listen to the people who want to take you down. Continue to jump like a frog in the example of a short-short story earlier.

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