3 Fables That Teach About Life

3 Fables That Teach How to Live

3 Latest Fable

3 Fables That Teach About Life

Dog story and shadow – enjoy what you have

The short story of this story tells of a dog who walks while biting a large piece of fresh meat. He was very pleased with the meat in the bite.

In the middle of the road, he followed a river and accidentally saw a shadow in the river.

He looked at the figure of a dog who was also biting a pile of meat in his mouth. Without realizing that the figure in the river was a shadow of himself, he greedily wanted to reach the flesh in his own shadow's mouth.

No wonder if he had to lose his own flesh that fell into the river. Because of his greed, he himself had to lose money and not enjoy fresh meat that had already been in the bite of his mouth.

Everyone has their own portion of fortune, but it is not uncommon to find people who are too eager to achieve maximum profits and are mired in the abyss of greed.

Moral : 

A suitable proverb for people like this is that the neighboring grass looks greener.

Too greedy will make someone not enjoy what he has. Feeling less and what others have looks better.

Not always we must continue to look up and see the people who are above us. Sometimes we need to see how lucky life is from the people below us.

The Story of Crows and a Jug - There Is Always a Way Out

It is told that a crow is thirsty and flies looking for water that he can drink. His search bore fruit when he watched from a height of a jug containing the water he needed to drink.

He was so happy when he got the water in the jug. However, this time he had to face a challenge where the neck of the pitcher was deep enough and his beak could not reach the water in it.

He must find a way to get the water to eliminate his thirst. Not losing his mind, he saw a lot of gravel around him.

Little by little, he put the pebble into the jug and as you guessed, the crow could drink water in the jug with the patience he had to put one by one of the small pebbles into the jug so that the contents of the jug rose to the surface.

The work is done though it seems trivial and meaningless, it turns out that when it is done faithfully it will produce the desired results. Through the story of the crow and the jug above, we learn that there will be a way out in every obstacle in life's challenges.

Moral :

The saying that can describe this story is "little by little, it will eventually become a hill."

The Story of the Bell and Cat Necklace - Don't Just Say It But Do It!

Once there was a group of mice who felt scared after the owner of the house to keep a cat in his house.

In a meeting between the rats, they all agreed to try to find the best way to drive the cat out of the house and not endanger their lives.

Many ideas that they put forth until they arrive at the greatest ideas they can get. One mouse gave the idea to give a bell necklace to the cat's neck so they could find out the existence of the cat if it would approach them.

A really great idea but quite crazy. Can you guess how many of the mice did the crazy idea?

The answer, ZERO.

Moral :

Too often there are too many ideas in our heads, want this, want that, want this, want that! But, whether the idea was carried out, or just mere boasting, a dream in broad daylight?

Many dreams are in our minds, great and brilliant ideas passing by in our brain shed. However, have we tried to execute one of them?

Dream of buying a house, buying a car, traveling around the world, building your own business or at least preparing an emergency fund, have we made the initial steps? If not, you know what you should do, but dare you to do it?

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