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Old Grandfather

Old Grandfather - Logical Moral Stories

Old Grandfather in a Village

In one village, there lived an old man who always looked glum. Not only is he moody, he also has a poisonous mouth. His words are always rude, always complaining, and make people around him annoyed.

As we get older, it becomes more and more unpleasant. In fact, his bad luck spread to people around him until he was shunned by other villagers. He really has made his village no longer comfortable inhabited by other villagers.

When he was eighty years old, rumors emerged in his village if the old man smiled. The rumor was true, the old man was smiling, laughing, even friendly as usual.

Amazed villagers asked what had happened to him. The old man answered, "Nothing special. I just stopped looking for happiness, now I just want to enjoy life. "

The short story just now is a real example of someone who is too immersed in pursuing ambition, in this case happiness. There are various kinds of ambitions for each person, from career, wealth, love, or even school exam scores. Do not let that desire stress you out, because it will not make people around you uncomfortable.

It's important to pursue your goals, career, or ambition, but remember that life is only once. Enjoy a little, for example by partying with friends, vacationing at the beach, or as easy as smiling like grandfather in the example of this short story.

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