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Heartwarming Story



I go to bed usually at 11:00 p.m., outside the window, there is snow falling. I shrank myself under the covers, picked up the alarm clock, but the alarm didn't work, because it was time to replace a new battery and I forgot to buy it. The weather was so cold like that, it made me lazy to get up again.

Feeling lazy makes me call mom, "Mom, my alarm clock hasn't been replaced with a new battery, while tomorrow morning I have to go to the office for a meeting, and I have to get up early, so, tomorrow at 6 am, mom, wakes me up over the phone."

Mother's voice at the other end sounded a little hoarse, maybe already asleep, then came the words, "Yes, alright".

When the phone rang, I was having a sweet dream, the sky outside was pitch black. While on the other side, Mother said, "Lyla, wake up, today there is a meeting."

I looked at the clock on my wrist, only at five in the morning. Then irritated, I shouted, "Didn't I say six o'clock in the morning? I still want to sleep for a while longer, but you are bothering me! ”

Suddenly on the other side, my mother fell silent, and I ended the phone call.

After waking up, I tidied myself, and ready to go to the office. The weather was so cold, there were snowflakes everywhere. At the bus stop, I keep stepping on my feet so cold. All around was dark, while beside me stood two elderly people who were already at dusk. I heard the grandfather say to the grandmother, "Look at you, you didn't sleep well all night, when you were early in the morning, you started to push me, and try to see, now you have to wait so long here."

Yes, the first bus will arrive in five minutes. After waiting for so long, finally the long-awaited bus arrived, I rushed up onto the bus. The bus driver is a young man, look responsible, the driver immediately step on the gas after waiting for me to get on the bus.

I said to him, "Hey, driver, there are still a grandmother and old grandfather down there, the weather is so cold, they have been waiting there for a long time, why do you step on the gas and not wait for them?"

The young man proudly said, "It's okay, they are my mother and father. Today is my first day as a driver on a public bus, they come just to see me. "

Suddenly my eyes filled with shed tears, I read a short message from my father, "Lylia, mother said, the mother was wrong, mother always could not sleep well, actually from the beginning she was awake, and mother was worried you would be late meeting."

Suddenly I remembered a quote:

"When a father gives something to his child, the child smiles. However, when the child gives something to his father, the father cries. "

After reading a short story and loaded with this meaning, it reminds us to be a child who is dedicated to parents. Throughout this life, the only people who allow us to owe too much and don't expect anything in return unconditionally just your father and mother, our parents. So do not complain about just hearing their babble, you should understand and understand them, give thanks and thanks to them, and care about them. 

Life is short, don't ever feel bored to see our parents for a moment, even if it's just for a moment.

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