Bedtime Stories For Toddlers - 3 NEW Fable

Bedtime Stories For Toddlers

3 NEW Fable

Bedtime Stories For Toddlers

The Fable of the Pig and the Sheep

In a village quite far from the city, there are several families living in it. Exactly in a green valley accompanied by very lush trees. The family that lives have famous pet pigs and sheep. They employ several workers who live around the valley to feed pigs and sheep.

Besides feeding, they also have to clean both. If the fur is thick, the workers must cut it and sell the fur on the market. Likewise with pigs, if the weight is enough the workers must sell it to the city. The number of sheep and pigs there is quite a lot so that it attracts buyers.

And it is said that, at that time animals could talk to each other that was not understood by human language. It so happened that the pig and the sheep had their enclosures close together so they could talk to each other.

Everyday, sometimes the sound of pigs and sheep is noisy and it is not known by humans that they are talking. When the day of sale of pigs arrives, usually large pigs are weighed and delivered to the buyers.

One day, a pig that is young and quite large in size will be sold. But he was difficult when he was about to be arrested. However, the workers finally managed to catch and tie the two pairs of pigs' feet.

The young pig shouted and struggled. Seeing this, the flock screamed.


Then one of the flocks added "why are you crying and shouting loudly. Even though your other friends rarely do the same thing. They surrender to fate even if they have to be slaughtered ”

Hearing this, one of the adult pigs said, "Dear sheep, you can say that because you have not experienced what we experienced. You just shaved the fur without having to be slaughtered. But look at us, we were taken and soon our lives will be lost. Our life is certainly not as enjoyable as your life. How dare you mock a piglet that is nearing death? "

Since then, the sheepfold has been quiet and silent. They pondered what had been said by one of the pigs. And finally they realize that they are more fortunate than pigs. Then they apologized to the adult pig earlier.


One day there was a fox in the middle of a walk around the forest. He then thought that the weather was sunny today and he could go fishing. Then, he prepared a fishing gear and immediately rushed to the lake in the middle of the forest.

When he arrived at the lake, he found a crane on the other side. He also greeted as he pulled out his fishing rod, "Hey stork, what are you doing?" The fox also imagined that he would get a lot of fish for dinner.

Stork also replied, "I was swimming while enjoying the cool water that had wet my feathers" Answered the crane while flapping its wings.

The fox started fishing and then the fishing line shook. He hurriedly pulled his fishing line and watched a fish there. He said excitedly, "I am going to have a big party tonight. Stork, do you want to eat dinner at my place? "Asked the fox while cleaning up his fishing gear.

Stork also confirmed the invitation to the fox. And right at dinner time, the crane comes to the fox house, "Knock ... knock ... knock !!"

While opening the door of his house, the fox said "Please enter!". They also sat at the dining table that was neatly arranged. Stork feels very hungry because of the aroma of cuisine that invites tastes. "It smells very nice, of course it tastes good".

Finally food is served. Tubah cooked fish soup and put it in a small bowl. Witnessing this, the crane was sad because of its long beak, of course he could not eat the soup in the small bowl.

Finally, the crane just met and stayed. Seeing that, the fox asked, "Stork, why don't you eat? You do not like?"

"My beak is long so it can't be used to eat soup in a small bowl," answered the crane.

The fox answered, "I'm sorry my crane, but all I have is this little bowl. But you don't need to be sad because I've found a way out. "

Finally, the fox took a basket and filled it with soup until it was full. "This brings the chains home and you can enjoy dinner at your home." Said the fox. Then, the crane answered, "Thank you fox, you are very kind. Tomorrow it will be my turn to invite you to dinner at home.


Somewhere, precisely in the middle of the forest lives a diligent ant. He always looks for food and keeps it in his barn. He was very enthusiastic even though he had to rain and be stung by the heat of the sun.

One day while he was carrying food to be stored in the barn, he met a grasshopper who was lazing while sunbathing. The Grasshopper asked, "Hey ant, what are you doing?"

"I was struggling to collect food in the barn," answered the ant. Hearing that, grasshopper also said, "Why bother collecting food, in this forest a lot of food can be eaten".

Ants answered, "He was right, but I kept the food in preparation for the winter." Grasshopper laughed again at ants, "Winter is still long. What's so hard for now? Better to have fun first ".

But the ants don't care at all about the lazy back taunts. He was still busy preparing food in the barn. The next day when he was about to go looking for food, he looked back at the lazy grasshopper and laughed at him again.

Throughout the day, ants are always busy gathering food. While grasshoppers are just cool to play while having fun. Finally, the ant barn is almost full. But that did not make him feel satisfied and he was still looking for food to keep.

Finally, winter arrived. The ants casually sit in their homes while enjoying their many meals. While grasshoppers only store a small amount of food because he thinks winter is coming to an end.

Not feel winter has passed for a month. Food supplies owned by the grasshopper was gone. While the ants are still sitting relaxed while enjoying the food. Grasshopper tried to find food but it did not work.

Finally he knocked on the ant's door and the ant opened the door. "What's wrong?" Asked the ant. "Please give me a little of your food supply. Because I'm starving and my supply is gone "Grasshopper answered.

"It's good for you. When I was having trouble gathering food you even ridiculed and laughed at me. And now I want to ask for my food supplies. Go there, find your own food! "Replied the ants growled.

Finally the grasshopper left the ant's house to find his food but found nothing. When the grasshopper almost died because of the cold, finally the ant came to help and invited him to the house to enjoy food.

Bedtime Stories For Toddlers

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