3 Fable animal story

Fable Story For Kids With Moral

3 Fable animal story

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At one time, in the middle of the forest, there was a mouse that was busy playing. He sang and went around very cheerfully. So he did not realize that he was very far from home. After very far from home, the mouse then realized. He immediately chose to go home, but instead, he got lost in the forest.

When he was in a state of confusion looking for a way home, he was instead trapped in a tiger lair. He watched as a male tiger was sleeping soundly and the rat felt fear. Because he was so panicked to see a tiger, he ran and accidentally stepped on a tiger's feet.

Finally, the tiger woke up and was angry because it disturbed his rest. The rat was finally caught with sharp nails. He also tried to escape and beg the tiger to release him.

But the tiger still did not want to let go of the rat and said that he felt very angry when someone bothered him. Not so far from that place, there was a deer who was drinking on the river bank.

He was surprised to see the incident. And lip service to the tiger. But the tiger actually wants to eat the deer instead. However, he quickly said,

"Why should I be afraid of you while I am the king of the jungle here. If you don't believe me, ask my advisor directly. My advisor is the person who is currently in your grip. He is a respected advisor in this forest. Then I will not forgive you if anything happens with my advisor. "

Tigers are affected by what the deer said. The tiger then asked the rat the truth said by the deer. And the rat realized that the deer was lying to help him. He also said,

"He is right, deer is just this forest. And I became his advisor. Deer are greatly feared and respected in this forest by all animals. If you do not believe, please ask directly to all animals in this forest "

The tiger is finally afraid of the words of the rat but still does not show fear. Finally, the deer were confused about how to prove his strength to the tiger. Finally, he tried to calm down with his intelligence even though he actually felt afraid.

He also said that he had just defeated a tiger as big as the tiger. And that makes the tiger feel very scared. He also asked the deer to prove his blessing that the tiger head he had killed was still on the edge of the river.

Finally, the mouse deer brought the tiger to a deep, dark well. But it is not visible because there is a reflection from the sun. He was asked to see the head of a tiger in the well. As a result, he peeked and found that the tiger head really existed.

When in fact there was nothing in the well. It's just that the tiger saw its own reflection. Seeing that, the tiger immediately ran scared. And rats are free from the grip of tigers because of the help of the very clever deer.

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One day, there was an old tree in which a grumpy owl and fierce owl lived. Especially if someone is disturbing his sleep during the day. And at night, they wake up in their voices while looking for insects, frogs, rats, and beetles to eat.
On summer evenings, owls sleep soundly in tree holes. However, suddenly there was a grasshopper who was singing. The owl is bothered by it and asks the grasshopper to leave.

"Hey, get away from the side of you grasshopper! Don't you have manners to disturb the sleep of an old person? "

However, the grasshopper answered that in a rude tone that he also had rights to the tree. In fact, he sang in a louder voice. Owls realize that even arguing will be of no use. While during the day his eyes were still farsighted so he could not give punishment to the grasshopper.

Finally, the owl thinks of ways to punish the grasshopper. He then turned his head into the hole of the tree and said very friendly.

"O grasshopper, if I keep waking up I will definitely hear you sing. You know, you have wine here. If you want, come here. By eating this wine, your voice will be like Apollo because this is a shipment from Olympus ".

Finally, the grasshopper was carried away by the owl's flattery and praise. Finally, he jumped into the nest and because the owl could immediately see the grasshopper with his eyes, the grasshopper was immediately pounced on and punished by the owl.

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The story below tells of an arrogant mouse deer who invites snails to run because snails have a habit of walking slowly. Here is the full story.

At one time in a forest, there was a deer running around. Then, he was not happy to meet a snail on the riverbank. The very arrogant deer also teases mice because the snail is only able to walk slowly while the deer can run as he pleases.

With a very arrogant, finally, the deer said to the snail,

"Hey snail, do you dare to run a race with me?" Said the deer in an arrogant tone and he knew that the snail would definitely refuse because it was never possible to win to defeat the deer.

However, what happened was unexpected, apparently, the snail accepted the deer challenge. Finally, the two of them made an agreement and determined their match day for the race to run. Finally, all agreed and the deer could not wait for the day when the competition was held.

While waiting for the day of the race, the snail finally set a strategy. Snail invites fellow snails to gather and tell about the challenges of the deer who invites the race arrogantly. Finally, they also discussed something in order to successfully win in the match.

The strategy is, along the banks of the river, the snails must line up neatly and when the deer call, then those on the edge must answer the deer. And so on until the finish line.

Finally, the time awaited arrived. Almost all the forest dwellers come to watch the race between the deer and the snail. Both of them are ready to stand together at the starting line and the race is ready to begin.

The sparring leader asked both "are you ready?".

Both of them also answered "Ready". So the leader of the fighting said: "Start!".

Both of them spontaneously ran. And the deer immediately ran using his full strength. And after some distance running, the mouse deer felt tired. His breathing began to dishevel and panting. He stopped for a moment on the road while calling the snail.

"Snail, Where are you?" Said deer.

"Yes, I'm here" replied the snail while walking slowly in front of the deer.

The deer also felt shocked because the snail was already right in front of him. He also did not rest and immediately rushed to run with all his strength. He also felt very tired and began to thirst. His breathing was almost gone and heaving. At that time, he returned to call the snail.

At that time, deer thought that the snail was still behind him. Even though it turns out that the snail is in front of him. The snails answer as the strategy set before. Seeing this, the deer finally ran back. Until finally he felt very tired and not strong anymore. As a result, he surrendered to the snail.

All forest dwellers feel surprised that deer can succumb to the snail.

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