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Sad Story With Moral

Trapped in Love

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Trapped in Love

I hate my husband, "that sentence almost always ringed in my head while we were together.

Indeed, our marriage is not based on love, we married because of family encouragement. My own father forced me to accept him as a husband because in his eyes he was a good man, in terms of religion, career, and personality.

I felt at that time my freedom was taken away, I felt that fate was very unfair to me. That's why I spilled it on my husband.

"He has gotten my life, so he must make me happy," with that conviction, without guilt I told him to buy things. From bags, cars, jewelry, even beauty treatments in expensive salons. I also refused to work and only spent time in the salon or traveling.

My husband never complained about it all and continued to obey my wishes. It is precisely me who is often angry when he snores, forgetting to clean his glass because of the rush to the office, or for a long time in the bathroom. But still, he was never angry at me even though I was impudent to him.

Without being felt 10 years have passed, now we already have two children. Although it's been a long time, my hatred hasn't disappeared.

One afternoon when I was about to pay the maintenance fee at the salon, the money in my wallet was empty. I called my husband, "Well, did you take the money in your wallet?"

"Sorry Ma, I wanted to give the kids pocket money earlier, but apparently my wallet is empty again," he replied.

I was angry with him, over the phone I shouted, berated, and told him to come. The owner of the salon calms down, he even says that it's okay to get paid next time because he knows me well. But I refused, not because I was embarrassed not to pay, I just wanted to make my husband hassles.

A few hours passed, suddenly a call came from the hospital. My husband was in an accident and is in critical condition.

I rushed to the hospital while contacting our parents. The doctor then explained if it turns out that my husband's critical cause was not an accident, but because of a stroke. Only a few hours later, my husband passed away.

The funeral was held, everyone who knew my husband well cried at that time. Indeed I am sad, but my tears could not spill, my chest was tight, but I could remain calm. That was my condition until my husband was buried.

A few days after the funeral, a notary came to take care of inheritance matters. After all the paperwork was finished, he gave a will from my husband.

The letter says, "I have to go first, I hope you stay healthy. My wife, I give you the freedom to do anything because I know you feel I am taking away your life. Therefore, do the good thing in the remaining time that you have wasted too much. I will also pray for you from there, hopefully, you can get a better husband than me. Leave our children with you, teach them to be able to love someone as well as you. Bye, my wife. "

After reading the letter, then my tears were held back, my knees weakened, and I moaned as hard as I could. At that moment, I realized that my husband had managed to steal my heart with his sincerity. All my life, I will be stuck with feelings of love for her.

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The sacrifice of a husband in a sad love story that can make a cry earlier is huge. Imagine, for years he patiently faced a wife who hated him. He was willing to be yelled at and berated, but not the slightest revenge.

There is a saying that regrets always come at the end. Do you often get angry like a wife in a sad love story that made you cry earlier? Better to stop the habit before it's too late.

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