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Sad Moral Story


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Who can really intend to fall in love through a dating application? Maybe only stupid, naive, people can. Unfortunately, that stupid, naive person is someone I love, Colbie.

I myself have liked Colbie for more than two months. We went to a school and we both joined a painting club. Unfortunately, I'm too afraid to confess my love to him.

When I found out he was dating Lucy, the girl he met through Tinder, it felt like my solar plexus was punched. On one hand, I feel sad that the person I love with someone else, but I'm also worried. Because, most people use the application just to play around.

I don't want the two of them to get along too well, that's why I often bother them when going out for reasons of club activities. I also gave surprises and special gifts on his birthday. All the ways I do to keep him away from the stranger.

Month after month, our time together at school is increasingly limited. Only a month left. I decided to say my feelings to him.

That day arrived and Colbie came at my request. I approached him, held his hand, then said, "I know you have a girlfriend, I don't care. I loved you for a long time. "

Colbie just smiled and answered, "All this time I thought you were my friend. If you like me, we better not meet again. Sorry. ”He then let go of my hand and left.

Being trapped in a friendzone like a girl in this sad love story just now isn't comfortable, it can make you cry inside. Especially if it turns out that the person you like is dating someone else. It must be awry, want to be jealous but nobody.

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