Story For Kids With Moral [Umar Bin Khattab and a Poor Jew]

Story For Kids With Moral

The story of Umar Bin Khattab and a Poor Jew

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Moral Story - Umar Bin Khattab and a Poor Jew

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During the leadership of the Caliph Umar, the territory of Egypt was one of the regions in the Islamic Caliphate. Led by a Governor named Amr bin Ash, one of the companions of the Prophet who entered Islam during the liberation of Fathu Makkah and had followed a number of wars during the reign of Umar. To reciprocate his heart, Amr Bin Ash who once brought the banner of war was later made the Governor of Egypt.

He was a governor who obeyed and followed the orders of Umar, but for some reason, in the past, he carried out defiance. This was known to the Caliph Umar when on one day the arrival of a poor Jew with tattered clothes, who walked from Egypt to Medina to meet the Caliph and wanted to seek justice. Arriving in front of the gate, he was about to be expelled by the guards before Umar finally came and invited the Jews to enter.

After the Jews entered, Umar then invited the Jew to tell his problem. "I'm a poor person, Mr. Khalifah. I have nothing but a hut that I have lived in all this time. But incidentally, my hut was located near the palace of the Governor of Egypt. "He planned to expand his palace by driving away the place I had bought with the results of my sweat when I was young," said the Jew. "I came here to seek justice, it is said that here the Caliph Umar always applies justice, is that right?" Test the Jew.

"Okay then," Umar said, not saying much. He then told his bodyguard to look for a camel bone and give it to him. After reaching his hand, the camel's bones were immediately lined up straight with his sword. "Here, bring it to Governor Amr Bin Ash. "If he still has various reports back to me," said Umar Bin Khattab, he gave his guarantee.

The Jew became confused, he came from afar to ask for the justice of the Caliph Umar, but when he arrived in the presence of the Caliph instead he was only given camel bones. "O Caliph, I want to seek justice, not look for bones. There are also lots of camel bones in Egypt, "said the Jew with dissatisfaction.

"Never mind, you said to the Governor of Egypt first, if he still insisted on taking away your house, come back to me," said Caliph Umar.

The Jew immediately returned home feeling confused and distrustful. Is the reaction of Governor Amr Bin Ash after receiving the camel bone. Arriving in Egypt, he gave the camel bones that had been lined with the sword of Caliph Umar to Governor Amr Bin Ash. Seeing that, Governor Amr Bin Ash immediately trembled, his eyes dazed, he immediately ordered the bodyguard to set up a rickety hut belonging to the Jews earlier. The Jew became even more confused, in Medina he sought justice instead of being given a piece of camel bone. Then in Egypt, he gave the camel bone to Governor Amr Bin Ash, and the Governor of Egypt instead trembled in fear.

"What's the matter, Mr. Governor, why are you trembling tremendously when you see the camel bones?" Asked the Jew in surprise. "Hi Jews, do you know the meaning of the bones to the Caliph Umar?" Asked the Egyptian Governor Amr Bin Ash. The Jew shook his head not understanding.

"From this bone, the Caliph Umar seemed to say to me," Hi Amr bin Ash, be right before your body becomes these bones. Or if you really can't go straight, let me straighten you with my sword! "Amr Bin Ash said explaining the purpose of the bone drawn with the sword.

Jews who listened carefully to the story immediately fell down, then pronounced two sentences because of the admiration of the behavior of the Caliph and the Governor of Egypt Amr Bin Ash. The behavior of the two leaders illustrates how the truth of Islam brought by the attitude of its leaders. Himself who is a Jew only gets a guarantee of protection that is so strong, especially if he converts to Islam, of course, his protection is getting stronger. So without hesitation, he entered Islam because he had experienced and experienced himself the truth of the teachings of Islam revealed through the attitudes and behavior of his own leader.

Thus the history of the story of Umar Bin Khattab and a Poor Jew who showed justice and wisdom from a Caliph Umar Bin Khattab and obedience from Amr Bin Ash. Hopefully, it can become ibroh and valuable lessons about the meaning of leadership.


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